Return Product with Ease:

Order Verification:

Let us know which product you would like to return from your account and also mention the reason for the Return

Re-Pack with Original Labels:

Get hold of all the original labels and re-pack the product.

Re-Ship Back to Us:

Drop off the packed product to the local post office

Get Money Refunded:

Once we receive the product back we will swiftly process the return and arrange for an exchanged product or refund the money.

Terms & Condition for Returns.

• Product can be returned within 30 Days.
• All the tags and labels should be returned with the package.
• In case you require change in color and the same is not available then we would give you a refund.
• In case the desired color is costlier than the one you order then you would be given a refund of the amount that you have paid and then you would have to make a fresh new order.
• If the returned product is out of stock, then we would issue a refund.
• Returns would only be accepted after a thorough check.
• The delivery charge would be bourne by us only when the product was defective or the entire order was faulty.
• We normally process our returns in 7 day, but at times it might take up to 21 days to process the returns
• Return Process: Log into your Account > Go to My Order > Select the Order that you want to Return.
• In regards to any concerns, please email to
We know it’s a hassle to return products, but with us it’s as easy as late afternoon stroll in the park!!